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Starfly To The Rescue

Starfly To The Rescue

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Starfly, the young detective sheepdog, was very excited at the prospect of having an adopted Welsh brother to have new adventures with.

Starfly’s emotions changed dramatically when the brown and white sheepdog tumbled out of the Landrover at Bluebell Farm. He began to feel shy and even a little jealous as this comical new arrival received a lot of attention from his brother and sisters.

However, Bluebell Farm sprinkled her magic over the two young brothers and they soon enjoyed getting up to all sorts of mischief together.

In this third tale of Starfly’s adventures, Starfly and his new brother make a daring and dangerous rescue attempt, and... of course many other tales unfold which will take your imagination beyond the moon and the stars!

‘Beyond the moon and the stars’ Tu draw i’r lleuad a’r sêr

Written by Yvonne Weatherhead & illustrated by Andy Chubb

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