Editorial Days

Children are given the opportunity to edit Yvonne’s books and then they have their names printed in the books, as the Editing team. She usually chooses Year 4 or Year 5 children. Here is an example copy of the letter to schools 

Dear Colleagues

Exciting news. My xxxxxxxxx book in the series is going to be published around xxxxxx

 As in previous years, when writing my books, I had the support of a group of children we called the Editing team to read the book, look at any errors they thought had occurred and offer practical advise for improving images, sentences, titles of chapters etc.

I would like you to choose 3 children in Year 5, of Greater Depth.

For those schools I am working with this term, please choose 3 out of the group.

 If I am not working in your schools, please choose 3  children of GD.

 The children will need to read the script independently  and contribute to a session on editing.

I enclose a draft copy of xxxxxxxxxxx. Please print off for the children.

Please tell them to highlight any errors or upgrade sentences and make suggestions for improving the script.


Venue            Location

Time 10.00 a.m. until  2.00 p.m.

Community room to work with the children.

The children would need to be brought to the main office and  signed in and we will then take them to the Community Room.

Children may be dropped off as I will work independently with the children.

 Rod Weatherhead , the illustrator, will be there to show them how to do some illustrations for the book. We hope these can be included.

The children would need to bring;

Their highlighted copy of errors or ideas, back to the session on DATE and any notes they had made for ideas.

A packed lunch and drink. 

You would need to complete a risk assessment.

I have got a current enhanced disclosure number.

Everything is of course free of charge.

If you would allow 3 of your children to be involved in this exciting project and feel you could commit to them being dropped off and picked up please send me back a return e mail as soon as possible.

Their names will then appear in my new book as part of the editing team.

It will go to print by,,,,,,,,,,,,