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Starfly Seeks The Red Fox

Starfly Seeks The Red Fox

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‘The Land Rover door opened, out tumbled what looked like a dishevelled sheep but after a thundering shake, which appeared to rock the farmyard, it became transformed into a woolly fluffy dog with straggling long legs.’

This beautiful Italian dog called Lana became entwined in the many tales on Bluebell Farm. Lana became besotted with the antics of Starfly and the comical Sally the sheep, who is Starfly’s greatest friend and support.

Starfly with his family and friends, discovered more surprises and secrets on the magical Bluebell Farm.

But when the red fox came prowling, Wess (Starfly’s elder brother), got angry and heated, Starfly and Wess argued over
the fate of the red fox. Many mysteries unfurled...

A tale full of morality but once again following the trail of Starfly as a ‘detective sheepdog’ who leaps into action to seek out the majestic red fox.

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