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Hurry Flying Grandma, shadow that train

Hurry Flying Grandma, shadow that train

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Hurry, Flying Grandma…shadow that train.

A poem to support Ukraine families.

A bluebell symbolises humility and everlasting love.

Bluebells were often used to call in fairies. You could ring a bluebell like a normal bell to call them.

In this Flying Grandma story, bluebells are left with the children of Ukraine to communicate with Flying Grandma, after she flew home.

This flower has been chosen in the story to send our deepest love and affection to all the families of Ukraine, in their struggle for freedom.

We hope this story reminds us of how much support we all need to give to the families of Ukraine.

All profits raised from this will go to support the families of Ukraine and Bolton Hospice.

Yvonne Weatherhead M.B.E.

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