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Flying Grandma Weaves Her Magic

Flying Grandma Weaves Her Magic

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I bet we all wish we could fly at the moment, especially grandparents who
are unable to see their children and is so hard for
everyone. When faced with difficult times, a little imagination goes a long
way. I wrote ‘Flying Grandma weaves her magic,’ with my grandchildren in
mind, as their vivid imaginations often enables us to write stories and
poems together.
At one of my recent book launches at a school, I asked the children, “How
many of you have ever dreamed of flying?”
95% of the children put their hands up.
So Flying Grandma, is based on a caricature of myself and Tess the
really my dog. The children in the beds are based on the illustrator’s own
children and it is a poem about relaxation and make believe.
For grandparents out their...dust your wings each night and try and believe
either via social media or letter that you are with your grandchildren.
Look at photos and remember the good times...there will be plenty more.
We just need to be a little patient at the moment and stay safe.
Please read to your grandchildren or children. Try this statement with your
grandchildren...If I had a pair of wings I would fly to... .
They could send you a letter or draw you a picture. You will probably be
amazed at their ideas.
I have used the magic dust idea to help bring a relaxing sleep for both my
children and grandchildren. It works.
Sending a hug to you all.
I hope we can make some money for Bolton Hospice with this poem.
They do such an amazing job in such difficult times.
Yvonne Weatherhead M.B.E.
Previous headteacher of an Outstanding primary school for 22 years.
Author of children’s books.

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