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Enriching Circle Time. Dream Journeys and Positive Thoughts

Enriching Circle Time. Dream Journeys and Positive Thoughts

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Dream journeys are a creative visualisation or guided imagery to help children to relax and focus on challenges that they may face in life. They are similar to meditation where deep breathing, concentration and relaxation techniques are taught which can help them in times of stressful situations including in examination situations or other challenges. Creative visualisation is also a mental technique to enable children to use positive energy to believe that goals and ambitions are achievable.

Children listen to stories which have a problem solving element and moral issues to debate which they can visualise in the quietness of the dream journey and then have the opportunity to discuss. They are empowered to discuss with other children, possibilities and pathways to solve problems.

The benefits include their ability to listen to their own inner wisdom and building up self- esteem and giving them the confidence to challenge and make difficult decisions for themselves. They are known to reduce stress and anxiety in children but also if used at the beginning of the day or a session they help create very positive energy which also has an impact on other areas of the curriculum in terms of the ‘can do’ attitude. The Dream Journeys are written in a way to also help enrich vocabulary and support the creativity within children when writing their own stories.

There are many papers written by psychologists on guided imagery with very high success rates and the children feel empowered to have the ability to use this mental technique in other areas of life and to be able to create and visualise scenarios for very positive effects. This positive mind-set supports the child’s well- being as well as improving their attitude and their achievement within the school setting.

Children enjoy the calmness of the dream journeys and often use them in their own homes when they are struggling with sleep patterns or stress. Parents are often very positive about this and speak very highly of the success of these techniques.

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